Exploring the Art Scene in Travis County, Texas

Explore Travis County's vibrant art scene with galleries like Austin Art Garage, Davis Gallery, Riches Art Gallery & more! Learn about their unique offerings & find out how you can become part of their story.

Exploring the Art Scene in Travis County, Texas

Travis County, Texas is home to a vibrant art scene, with a variety of galleries offering unique experiences for art lovers. From the Austin Art Garage to the Davis Gallery, Riches Art Gallery, and Austin Galleries, there are plenty of options for those looking to explore the local art scene. The Austin Art Garage is a great place to start. Founded by an experienced team of art enthusiasts, this eccentric space captures the lively spirit of South Austin.

It works only with up-and-coming Austin artists and offers fair but affordable prices to customers. The Davis Gallery is another great option. Founded by artist couple Felice House and Dana Younger, it pays special homage to American nature, drawing inspiration from the painter Thomas Cole. Their recent exhibition included Younger's intricate sculptural work of nature and House's vibrant interpretations of national parks.

The couple is known for being very welcoming and knowledgeable, and they also make high-quality custom frames. Riches Art Gallery is a beloved black-owned art venue on East 6th Street. Founded by experienced watercolor artist and former South Texas football player Richard Samuel, it hosts weekly events such as live drawing classes, conferences, and stand-up shows. It recently finished its exhibition “Good Kid, M, A, A, D City, Cole World”, an exhibition dedicated to rappers J.

Cole that featured a variety of media including detailed sculptures and personalized clothing. Austin Galleries has been a trusted name in fine art sales and service since its opening in 1964. With a wide clientele of individuals and businesses of all sizes, it offers a wide variety of art ranging from original oil paintings from the 19th century to modern engravings from the 20th century; from Texas landscapes to contemporary abstracts; fine antiques, jewelry and sculptures. The Austin Mural Park is another great place to explore the city's art scene. Developed to give muralists, street artists, art education classes, and community groups the opportunity to exhibit outdoor art driven by inspiring, positive, and educational messages, it was made famous by contemporary artist Shepard Fairey and hundreds of participating artists.

The City Hall Art Gallery is also worth checking out. Located on the first three floors of Austin City Hall, it showcases the work of local and regional artists while encouraging public dialogue, understanding and enjoyment of visual art. Women & Their Work is an Austin-based nonprofit arts organization that acts as a catalyst for contemporary art created by women who live and work in Texas and beyond. This may be your only chance to acquire beautiful locally made works of art early in an artist's career while it's still possible and become part of their story. Finally, Russell Collection Fine Art has assembled a permanent collection that includes approximately 100 original works covering the history of art from 1600 to the present.

In addition to art brokerage services such as appraisals (26%) of antiques, restoration of works of art, consignment and corporate leasing, it currently has the main visual arts gallery in Central Texas.