Exploring the Art Scene in Travis County, Texas

Travis County, Texas is home to a vibrant art scene with many galleries offering opportunities to explore up-and-coming Austin artists' work. From Austin Art Garage to Fort Worth Contemporary Arts there are plenty of options for art lovers.

Exploring the Art Scene in Travis County, Texas

Travis County, Texas is a hub of creativity and art, with many galleries and events taking place throughout the year. From the Austin Art Garage to the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the work of up-and-coming Austin artists. TCU's art galleries also provide a great chance for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to engage with the Dallas-Fort Worth community. Art for the People is a small art gallery located in a quaint house on South 1st Street, and they have options in every price range.

In addition to showcasing and selling art, the space is used for events and classes, and the 1750-square-foot building is available for renting events.The Austin Art Garage works only with up-and-coming Austin artists and their goal is to offer fair but affordable prices to customers. It's an eccentric space that largely captures the lively spirit of South Austin. Fort Worth Contemporary Arts (FWCA) is a satellite exhibition space located a few blocks from the School of Art, just outside the TCU campus. Located on West Berry Street, this 2,000-square-foot gallery provides a great opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to interact with the Dallas-Fort Worth community.The partnership between the Moncrief Oncology Institute and the TCU School of Art celebrates the vital relationship between art and medicine.

TCU graduate students and alumni are selected as guest curators and are advised and supported by the staff of The Art Galleries of the TCU throughout the process of creating the exhibition. This exhibition is part of Movement in Three Parts, a project carried out by Powell at several locations in Fort Worth, including Blind Alley and the art gallery of the Moncrief Oncology Institute.This concentration means that students have close access to high-quality works of art and can critically interact with artists on an individual basis in the gallery. The best thing about Art for the People is that they are next to Dulce Neve, a must stop before or after visiting this local art gallery. TCU's art galleries host exhibitions by regional and international artists, students, teachers, and alumni.Founded by experienced watercolor artist and former South Texas football player Richard Samuel, the lively gallery hosts weekly events such as live drawing classes, conferences and stand-up shows.

It often includes works that have never before been exhibited in Texas or that have been done on-site during a period of residence.The connection of the conceptual threads throughout the exhibition suggests that artists are exploring or repositioning domestic craftsmanship and decorative art practices in relation to figure painting. Whether you're looking for an interesting piece of artwork or just want to explore some unique exhibitions, Travis County has plenty of options for you.